Our chapter is composed of several standing committees, each responsible for a critical aspect of our operations and open to any general members interested in joining. Each committee is headed by a Director and Coordinator, who both serve on the chapter Board of Directors. 


Committee Meetings are held on a bi-weekly basis during the semester, typically on Wednesdays at 3:00pm in Elly's Loft. All are welcome. 







The Marketing & Events committee is responsible for ensuring that the chapter is actively recruiting members and providing our members with the most visible value possible. This includes actively assessing membership numbers and organizing membership raffles, competitions, and opportunities for engagement. The Marketing & Events committee is also responsible for planning and executing chapter social events and networking opportunities. 


Sam Roberts


Kevin Cabarcas





The Professional Development Committee is dedicated to growing and maintaining positive relationships with local professionals. A “Committee of external affairs,” most of what any architect, professional, or non-AIAS-affiliated person outside of the New Jersey College of Architecture and Design sees of AIAS NJIT is likely the responsibility of the Professional Development Committee. When hosting events, this Committee’s responsibilities will likely overlap with those of the Social Events + Communications Committee; they may collaborate on or delegate responsibilities such as event coordination with school administration and advertising by web and printed flyers.

Responsibilities of the Professional Development Committee include, but are not limited to, enhancing the value of an AIAS Membership by providing members with networking and professional development opportunities, and hosting events to further the professional development of architecture students at NJIT. Such events can include portfolio reviews, resume building workshop, firm tours, alumni lectures, and various professional networking events.


Laura Gould


Samantha Garcia




This Committee is responsible for all of the chapter's public relations and graphic materials. Overall, any NJIT student’s perception of AIAS NJIT depends upon the work of the Communications Committee. Any article of AIAS NJIT communication, print or electronic, that any student, faculty, or administrator in the New Jersey College of Architecture and Design, AIAS member or non-member, may see regarding AIAS Membership and events (upcoming or recently past) are from or passed through this committee. It is also responsible for the chapter's website and social media presence.



Adriane Magadia


Jennifur Falconi

University Heights, Newark, NJ 07102

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